Austin Green Agent
Phone:  (810) 656-7445

I am happy to announce to all my friends and family that I am now working with Coulter Real Estate.  As many of you know Gayle and Gordie have been personal friends of our family for years.  It only seemed natural that when I wanted to start my Real Estate career that I would choose them. 

With a farming and sports background I know that anything worthwhile is worth the work and dedication it takes to succeed.  I AM YOUR MAN.  If you are just starting to look for your first home we have zero down loans literally can own a home for less than rent.

If your credit score is less than perfect we have options to help you buy your dream home as well.  It all starts with a phone call.....weekend and evenings are available....and yep I WILL ANSWER MY PHONE.....SO CALL ME TODAY!!